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Drainage Solution & Erosion Control

While many others in our industry consider single wall black corrugated pipe a suitable product for underground drainage systems, many of our projects involve removing faulty systems where this piping has been crushed or compromised. When installing new systems or repairing existing systems, we only use SDR35 or schedule 40 PVC hard pipe. This is typically the same material your sewer lateral is made from. The crush rating of SDR35 and schedule 40 PVC is far superior to that of the more commonly used single wall black corrugated pipe. All fittings, joints, and couplers are first dry fitted to ensure compatibility and then secured with PVC cement to guarantee a lifetime solution. When correcting a drainage or erosion problem, most frequently we are solving a serious problem that, if left unattended, will continue to create headaches and unnecessary costs. From French drains to routing downspouts underground and away from the foundation of the house, we only use the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.