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West Chester, PA

Brush Clearing

Over time brush, weeds, vines, and poison ivy, oak or sumac can consume areas neglected by weekly maintenance. We can help reverse years and even decades of brush and other undesirables from encroaching onto your property. From the initial clearing, off-site disposal, and stump grinding to finish grading, topsoil, seed or sod, we have the solution from inception through completion. Over the years we have added dump trucks and wood chippers to our fleet of equipment. Commercial wood chippers allow us to substantially reduce the volume of debris being removed from your property, enabling us to make fewer trips for disposal. When dumping and disposing of wood chips, we do not incur a disposal cost above and beyond our cost of transportation from your property to our holding facility. Mulch manufacturers are eager to remove and recycle our wood chips collected. This allows them the ability to process our woodchips and manufacture mulch. Once the newly sodded or seeded areas has been established and is ready to be cut, our lawn crews will maintain it to prevent it from returning to its original condition and create future problems.